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At SaiDeepa Rock Drills , we implement high levels of quality control on all products. World class products are produced only when the best tools and machinery of the trade are deployed; At SDR, our capacity planning speaks for us in this regard.


   Product Type    Units Per Year
Down the Hole Button Bits 15,000
Down the Hole Hammers 6,000
Integral Drill Steels 12,000
Drifter Bits 20,000
Extension Equipments 10,000
   Total    63,000 Nos
SDR is capable of producing and suppling DTH Hammers of size: 3inch to 8inch and DTH Bits of size: 2inch to 18inch at most competitive prices.
   Here’s a short list of important machinery in our manufactory:
arrow Open-Die Forging Hammer.
arrow Closed-Die Forging Hammer.
arrow CNC Turning Machines.
arrow CNC Milling Machines.
arrow Seal-Quenching Furnaces.
arrow Auto Band Saw Machines.
arrow 100 ton Hydraulic Forging Press.
arrow Induction Heating Furnace.
arrow Honing Machines.
arrow Centerless Grinding Machines.
arrow Fully equipped Metallurgical and Chemical Laboratory.
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